Experimenter Curator’s Hub

Experimenter Curators’ Hub
13th Edition | Experimenter – Hindustan Road, Kolkata, India
November 24 & 25, 2023

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The 13th edition of the Experimenter Curators’ Hub in Kolkata, India, marks the convergence of curators from across the globe who, through their distinctive curatorial practices, are committed to making a profound difference by responding to momentous shifts in contemporary practice. Over the last 13 years since its inception, the Curators’ Hub has pioneered the exchange of ideas between the foremost thinkers and curators in the field of exhibition-making.

“The participating curators are known to have questioned systemic hierarchies dominating our world, through their work. They have underscored the importance of collaboration, community building and dissemination of knowledge. Their unbound discussions at the hub will provide a space to resist divisiveness and in turn embrace pluralities, nurture multiplicity and foster collective thinking and dialogue on social justice.” – Prateek & Priyanka Raja, Directors of Experimenter.

Moderated by curator and writer Natasha Ginwala, the hub attempts to provide a platform for expansion on and reinvigoration of curatorial thinking. Each year, the hub invites a guest speaker who has challenged boundaries and has stirred others to listen to and recognise crucial alternative narratives. The guest speaker for 2023 is journalist, poet-writer and Adivasi activist, Jacinta Kerketta who through her work, has documented and brought visibility to the struggles of the Adivasi community, inspiring a wide range of practitioners.

Experimenter Curators’ Hub is a platform for developing and sustaining discourse on curatorial practice and exhibition-making through critical discussion and debate. Structured as a deeply intensive program, every year the hub invites some of the foremost curators of the world to present their practice with reference to recent exhibitions curated by them. Over the past few years, the hub has also been instrumental in facilitating conversations surrounding resistance and activism beyond the domain of contemporary art and exhibition-making by inviting guest speakers with background in law, journalism, literature and poetry to engage in dialogic exchanges drawing upon their work and lived experiences.

Source: Experimenter