Artistic Directors Sujan Chitrakar and Natalie King

Siddhartha Arts Foundation and Kathmandu Triennale are pleased to announce the appointment of Sujan Chitrakar and Natalie King as Artistic Directors of Kathmandu Triennale in February 2026.

Artistic Directors Sujan Chitrakar and Natalie King have been appointed as a collaborative duo in acknowledgement of Chitrakar’s distinctive local perspective within the unique habitat and vantage point of Kathmandu alongside King’s international experience from the Global South. Together, they will forge new alignments and symmetries of understanding taking inspiration from Nepal’s co-location within South Asia.

The theme of Kathmandu Triennale 2026 explores Coexistence—kinship among all beings, peoples, cultures, ecologies, faiths and thoughts. It will inspire us to embrace diverse ways of relating and living, of perceiving and making, both as a society and as individuals engaged in mutual responsibility. Searching for avenues to transcend boundaries and repair a precarious world, Coexistence seeks a newfound intimacy amongst us all, a yearning for belonging that speaks to a global ethics of connection and coexistence, care and kinship.

Source: e-flux

Image Credits: Natalie King and Sujan Chitrakar. Photo: Giulia McGauran & Prastuti Chitrakar.