Natelie King - Curator

  • Painting: an arcane technology

    Is painting a critique of a disembodied, fractured view of the world? Is painting a symptom of a nostalgic, even regressive approach that yearns…

  • Rosemary Laing: Aero-Zone

    In Aero-zone Laing offered the viewer the opportunity to rethink conventional notions of space and time by presenting the possibility that, rather than existing as fixed…

  • YOIN: Reverberations between Australia & Japan

    The exhibition involves the work of four Melbourne-based artists who have all been residents of the Australia Council Tokyo studio.

  • Rapport: Eight Artists from Singapore and Australia

    Rapport was a very early joint exhibition created by leading young curators in Australia and Singapore, inviting four artists from each place to exhibit in a major exhibition…

  • Swoon

    Swoon brings together the work of Kate Daw and Maria Griffin around the idea of rapture and romance. Their respective practices take up the emotional and the sentimental amidst …

  • Narelle Jubelin Soft and Slow

    The Monash University Gallery is pleased to present two recent works by Sydney based artist Narelle Jubelin which she originally created for Glasgow, Dead Slow (1992) and for Chicago and…

  • Bad Toys, ACCA

    Bad Toys used the toy as a departure point to examine our adult relationship to childhood and play.

  • Primavera 1994: Young Australian Artists

    Guest Curator Natalie King’s exhibition, investigated the way the MCA’s ensemble of art, architecture and installations orchestrates the visitor’s experience.