When the world as we know it falls apart, what then?

Humans share the air with one another and with animals; they share the surfaces of the world. They touch what others have touches and they touch one another. These reciprocal and material modes of sharing describe a crucial dimension of our vulnerability, intertwinements and interdependence of our embodied social life. Judith Butler

After a year of turmoil and uncertainty, VCA graduates offer tender worlds and intimate interiorities. Isolation and seclusion have induced altered states and imaginings as artists turn inwards towards injustices, rage and resistance. With the loss of predictable futures, life is lived in the details of daily life. While some images are vulnerable others recall repressed memories. At times, anxieties and dread resurface as well as fear and mourning. Our pervasive sense of uncertainty and reticence has also prompted longing. Some artists turn to geometries for solace whilst others incorporate dreamy hues. Portraits conjure others from afar during times of separation. Together, these graduates show us a creative vision that attests to how we are all intertwined and interconnected.

Image credits: Ebony Hickey, Mother, posca, sharpie, texta, 2020

Source: Victorian College of the Arts