VCA Director’s Dialogues: Future Forward: Emerging artists now

What are the pathways of learning, research and practice for emerging artists? How can the VCA remain globally relevant and recognise its context, locality and history of traditional owners? How can the art institute be an experimental environment for artist’s education, artistic research and theoretical reflection?

In this discussion, panellists consider the university as a site where speculation, curiosity and failure are valued, where inspired learning and unlearning is fostered. The panel will reflect on what a “decolonised curriculum” might comprise of and discuss topics such as collective learning, dismantling power structures of the solo professor and the future of the lecture. They consider the importance of oral exchange, listening and learning that may not be quantifiable by assessment.
Together, they imaginatively consider the core tenets of an arts curriculum where creativity and co-existence are nurtured in times of seismic upheaval.

Source: Faculty of Fine Arts and Music