The Art World Works From Home

The Art World Works From Home: Curator Natalie King Is Taking Podcast Lessons and Making Shakshuka While Developing New Zealand’s Venice Biennale Pavilion

The Melbourne-based curator and academic is attending Zoom reading groups and diving deep into research from her home office.

The art world may be on lockdown, but it certainly does not stop. During this unprecedented time, we’re checking in with art-world professionals, collectors, and artists to get a glimpse into how they are working from home.

Curator Natalie King had just returned from a visit to Apia in March when her home city of Melbourne went into lockdown. Since then, she has been working to organize the Aotearoa New Zealand Pavilion for the 59th Venice Biennale from her home office. The exhibition—which has now moved to 2022—will feature the work of Yuki Kihara, the first Pacific and transgender artist to represent the nation at the world’s most prominent biennial.

King, an enterprise professor of visual arts at the University of Melbourne, spoke to us last month (before Australia entered its latest phase of reopening) about life online, her adventures in the kitchen, and what her new Pacific Reading Group is discussing on Zoom.

Source: Artnet