NGV Art Book Fair: Small Business by David Wadelton

NGV Art Book Fair:

The Centre of Contemporary Photography plays host to a number of events associated with the National Gallery of Victoria’s Art Book Fair. Featuring book launches, talks and a number of panel discussions with a group of significant Australian artists and other creatives.

Small Business

David Wadelton’s new book, ‘Small Business’ designed by Yanni Florence and with an accompanying essay by Professor Natalie King OAM, looks at the small but enduring family-run businesses, often tucked away on suburban streets, which are rapidly fading away.

Many of the businesses have traded for decades, and continue to do so even as multi-storey developments and multi-nationals overshadow or consume them. The layouts featured are often pragmatic and utilitarian, arranged decades ago – often without regard for conventional design trends — and left that way. They are a time-capsule of a generation who toiled in their shop for decades.

Source: Eventbrite