Natalie King – Venice Biennale

Natalie King – Venice Biennale

Natalie King is the only Australian curator to have ever curated two national pavilions at Venice Biennales, New Zealand 2022 and Australia 2017.

Somewhat of a pioneer in curating Indigenous artists on the global stage, King has helped raise awareness about the effects of colonisation across the AsiaPacific, has provided multiple international artistic platforms for Indigenous artists and has provoked debate through the international art world.

Yuki Kihara has initiated the FIRSTS, an informal Firsts Solidarity Network of national pavilions established for the 59th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia.

An artist-led initiative comprising of artist/s who are a first time representative from a marginalised or under-represented group in their respective country or a first time country participant at the Biennale Arte, will offer visitors to Venice a route to discover these ‘firsts’ at the global art world event.

Yuki Kihara, is the first Pasifika, Asian and Fa’afafine (Sāmoa’s ‘third gender’) to present in the New Zealand Pavilion and Yuki believes the informal network of FIRSTS offers collegial support for the participating artists and an opportunity to initiate discourse around pertinent issues such as the internal structures of national pavilions and their commitment towards equitable representation.

Source: Joy Media