MCA presents Telling Tales: excursions in narrative form

Kate Daw narrates memories through a suite of small paintings, a floral wallpaper and typed ink canvases. Her motifs summon domestic interiors, various design cultures and textile patterns as part of an ongoing artistic investigation into feminine experience, desire and language. A friend’s garden is the subject of her wallpaper, derived from a nocturnal photograph of an abundantly flowering cherry blossom. Like a backdrop, this hand-made silkscreen on Indian calico is tinged with hues of blue, black and violet pigments. Daw titles her ensemble Love, Work as she deftly intertwines these realms by recalling Freud’s adage that ‘love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness’. In her own work, Daw gleans the subjective experience of painting, reading and remembering.

Source: MCA

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