Maree Clarke Connects Country, Culture, and Place

Maree Clarke’s poetic, personal, and political practice is a type of cultural truth-telling, steeped in memory and Country while deploying photography and new technologies to tell stories of past, present and future.

Hailing from north-western Victoria, Clarke is a Mutti Mutti/Yorta Yorta and Wemba Wemba/Boon Wurrung artist who reclaims ancestral art practices and Indigenous rituals through multimedia and storytelling.

Trained as a photographer in the early 1990s to document the lifestyle of the local Koori Aboriginal community, Clarke has worked as an artist, curator, artistic director for the past 30 years. Across her work, she has explored customary ceremonies, rituals, and language of her ancestors, casting her family members in an array of lenticular prints, and worked across media, whether 3D photographs, holograms, sculpture, jewellery, and video installation.

Source: Ocula Magazine