Kathy Temin: Forest of memories

IN 1994, KATHY TEMIN EXHIBITED A Monument to the Birds, a suite of tombstone-like slabs of concrete at the base of a twenty-six-metre-long holly hedge, originally planted as a resting place for birds in Heide’s resplendent garden. Temin drew images of Australian birds onto the slabs of concrete animating their dense surface with beaks and webbed feet like gravestones for forgotten fauna. Fifteen years later, Temin’s vast opus resides indoors, filling Heide Museum of Modern Art with an array of sculptures, installations, wall- drawings, glass and felt pictures, photographs, films and videos of performances. Curators Sue Cramer and Jason Smith have assembled close to fifty works from the past twenty years. The domestic scale of Heide’s galleries and the tumultuous history of John and Sunday Reed is an apt context for Temin’s carefully configured habitats and environments.

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