Kate Daw, “Civil Twilight End”

Civil Twilight End
Corner Bourke & Village Streets
Docklands, Melbourne

Civil Twilight End is a permanent public art project by Melbourne-based artists Kate Daw and Stewart Russell, that brings a sense of community, reverie and natural rhythm to the Docklands precinct.

The project introduces the ringing of a bell to the historic Goods Shed North site, each day at the end of civil twilight: when the sun has disappeared from view, but the sky is still illuminated by its fading light – a time where the day’s work might come to an end. Marking this natural rhythm relates to the changing nature of the site, away from a purely industrial function and towards a more convivial contemporary experience. The bell is housed in a seven metre tower with a unique brick pattern that references the building’s detailing, built from bricks reclaimed when Rail Goods Shed #2 was severed in half with the extension of Collins Street.

In addition to the bell and its tower, a number of accompanying text works exploring the meanings, histories and narratives of bells in our culture, in the form of a series of plaques, line the Village Street facade of Goods Shed North.

This project was co-curated by Natalie King and Simon Maidment on behalf of Satellite Art Projects, for Equiset Grollo Group as part of their landmark redevelopment of Goods Shed North. The bell tower was designed in collaboration with architect Geoffrey Barton and Lovell Chen Architects, and built by Equiset Construction. The bell was designed and cast by master bell maker Anton Hasell. The project forms part of VicUrban’s Docklands Integrated Art Program. Kate Daw is represented by Sarah Scout.


Source: The Sydney Morning Herald