Ishiuchi Miyako: Photography as Psychological Event

In Conversation with Natalie King and Yuri Yamada
Tokyo, 25 August 2021

On 8 December 2019, curators Natalie King and Yuri Yamada travelled to the outskirts of Tokyo by train to visit renowned Japanese artist Ishuichi Miyako in her home studio in the suburb of Gunma.

At Ishiuchi’s light-filled home studio with silver walls and an exterior rendered in black wood, they gathered around Ishiuchi’s large table, perusing books from her vast library and discussing King and Yamada’s co-curation of the exhibition Reversible Destiny: Australian and Japanese Photography at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum (TOP, 24 August–31 October 2021). As the premier photography museum in Japan devoted to photography, King and Yamada conceptualised the notion of looking backwards and forwards to imagine collective futures.

Source: Ocula Magazine