Enough: Artists and writers on gendered violence

Edited by Vikki McInnes

CoVA x Perimeter is a collaborative publishing initiative curated by the Centre of Visual Art at the University of Melbourne and independent publishing house Perimeter Editions. Foregrounding experimental and otherwise innovative discursive outputs from three key streams of enquiry – Postnational Art Histories, Feminism and Intersectionality, and Art + Science – the program spans research-in-progress, academic dialogues, artist responses, and essays, working to reframe scholarly research via a multiplicity of new perspectives and lenses. The Feminism and Intersectionality series explores discourse and practices that challenge dominant narratives and ideologies, proposing new frameworks through which to continue making and legitimising forms of knowledge and cultural production that are otherwise rendered invisible or deemed untenable. The series aims to address relations of difference, heterogeneity, and hierarchy, enriching our understanding of inequality and global power relations and interactions.

Source: Perimeter Books