Cristina Baldacci + Francesca Tarocco

Starting from Venice: Ecological Art Practices and Buddhist Methodologies


Research Seminar, Thu 19 October at 10.30AM
The Octagon Meeting Room, The Stables

In this two-part seminar, Baldacci and Tarocco will discuss the impact of climate change, environmental collapse and human-animal relations from the perspective of the fragile lagoon of Venice. Questions addressed thorugh the seminar will include:

  • What kind of cultural methodologies can be deployed to consider the Anthropocene and Venice with its ubiquitous relationship to water, canals and tides?
  • How can art and the environment be intertwined with an ecocritical approach that utilises radical imagination and creative sustainability?
  • Could Buddhist methodologies provide a process of understanding material culture, traditional doctrines and texts?
  • How can NICHE: Centre for Environmental Humanities at Ca’Foscari, University of Venice aggregate cross disciplinary perspectives and theories?

During the seminar, Baldacci and Tarooco will consider the practices of Mariko Mori, Charwei Tsai, LuYang, Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Maria Morganti and Jakob Kudsk Steensen as well the recent project Everybody Talks About the Weather at Prada Foundation, Venice.

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