Arndt Catalogue, Entang Wiharso Trilogy

On 15 February 2014, Mount Kelud on the island of Java erupted causing mass evacuation and disruption. While preparing for his solo exhibition at ARNDT Singapore, Entang Wiharso’s studio in Kalasan, Yogyakarta, was covered in a shower of volcanic ash. In the midst of this chaos, the following interview took place via an email exchange between Entang in Yogyakarta and Natalie King in Melbourne. The vagaries of disaster are the backdrop to Entang’s new exhibition Trilogy as they candidly discuss mobility, storytelling and history. Entang flexes his dexterous approach to creating open-ended scenarios that invoke complex relationships between people, the personal and the political. Drawing on folkloric traditions, his wondrous and fantastical depictions are at once satirical yet deeply moving critiques of the human condition.

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