An Irresistible Impulse

“I first became aware of Nasim Nasr’s work in Adelaide when researching the 2014 TarraWarra Bienial: Whisper in my Mask, co-curated with Djon Mundine. We gravitated towards Nasr’s Unveiling the Veil, 2010 comprising close-up footage of her rubbing her eyes so she weeps and her mascara becomes progressively smudged.

Even though we exhibited this film some years ago, it seems as relevant as ever given the oppression of women in Iran and the sorrow within her community.

Nasr, like her predessor Shirin Neshat, deals with exile in a rapturous and haunting way. Her work is poetic yet political, personal and profound. She bravely explores gender, the chardor and Persian poetry through performative gestures.

Given the more recent repression and violence towards women in Iran, it is more urgent than ever to build creative solidarities which Nasr does with her practice.”

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Image Credits: Nasim Nasr, Impulse, 2023. Digital print, performer John Fabry.